Alternative Baby Shower

Once an ancient tradition in Egyptian and Greek cultures, Baby Showers have been popular in the USA since the post war era, but have only become more of a “thing” in the UK in the past couple of decades.

You might have been to one where the Mama To Be is given massive packs of nappies, you ate some pink and blue cupcakes and played a couple of baby related parties games.

But could there be more to this pre-birth celebration that nurtures parents to be and sends them into the early days of parenthood feeling loved and supported?

As an experienced celebrant, mama of two and great lover of ritual and celebration, I can offer an alternative baby shower experience that allows you to gather with your closest friends and loved ones to be cared for, nurtured and loved.

This celebration is a mixture of fun, deep meaning and creativity and you will be left feeling just that little bit safer in the knowing you are supported in this next chapter.

Beauty & Joy

I will work with you to create a ceremony that really fits your personality and desires for the day.

It may be that you want to involve your partner, have them feel some of that support as well- so often they are left out of this special time!

These celebrations are much more than gift giving and game playing; they turn the focus upon the parent/s to be and leave them feeling held, allow the opportunity for seasoned parents to share wisdom and celebrate the impending arrival in a beautiful and joyful way.

If you would like to learn more and discuss the options for your Alternative Baby Shower, drop me a line!