Baby Naming

Is there anything more special or sacred than welcoming a new life into your world?

Traditional Christenings still very much have their place, but more and more families are wanting to welcome the newest member of their family in a different way, a way that is more about them and their journey.

Not confined to any place, a celebrant led baby naming could see you gather with those closest to you in a woodland, on the beach, in your family garden.

Odd Parents? Guide Parents

You can choose if you wish to have special people named in your baby’s ceremony and what to call them!

I can also suggest and write meaningful and poignant rituals such as tree planting, star naming or another commemorative ceremony within the baby naming service.

This can be particularly special if you have older children you would like to be involved. Perhaps your new addition has arrived through adoption or fertility treatment.  How better to honour that journey and welcome them than with a beautiful, personal ceremony.

Prices start at £450

For a fully bespoke baby naming service please drop me a line.