EEEEK! Huge congratulations on your engagement!

Even though you are still in that glorious engagement bubble, your thoughts have probably turned to all the planning you have to do, right?

There’s no doubt that weddings are super exciting to plan! But there are lots of shiny things that can distract us from what is ultimately the most important part - you and your partner.

That’s why as a joyful wedding celebrant, my focus is on making your day truly about the two of you.

Weddings are big business with many elements to consider, so some of the choices you need to make might feel really important.

But for me, the magic isn’t in the designer shoes your bridesmaid is wearing, the photo booth at the reception, or even in the carefully chosen canapes (although they are all very lovely!)

The magic.

The connection.

The “that even made Uncle John tear up!” moment.

That’s all in the ceremony.

The magic is in you looking at each other, saying words written especially for you (or by you!) and showing everyone in the room that you’ve found ‘it’ in each other.

You two are the magic

The wonderful thing about choosing to use an independent wedding celebrant is that your big day can happen anywhere, at any time.

It can be in the middle of a festival with hundreds of people looking on. It can be the three of us on a cliff top at dusk. It can be in the place you first said “I love you” with your closest friends and family there to witness your perfect moment.

With a personalised celebrant wedding, you can also include whatever is most personal to you as a couple.

Whether that’s dancing down the aisle to ACDC, having your dog as a ringbearer or asking your best friend to read a passage from Harry Potter, we really can create a ceremony that’s totally, uniquely you.

And what about vow renewal?

As a wedding celebrant offering bespoke ceremonies, I get many couples asking me to help them reconfirm their love for each other.

Perhaps you’ve been married for several years and have experienced all the ups and downs life can throw at you?

Maybe you know the very best and very worst about your partner and still choose them to be your person?

A vow renewal ceremony allows you to recommit to each other with the wonderful feeling of security, comfort and love that years together brings.

I just LOVE love! So, whether you’ve been together six months or 60 years, I can’t wait to help you tell your unique love story on your big day.

Ready to chat about your dream wedding ceremony? I’d love to hear your unique ideas for the big day!