Kind Words and Testimonials

If you’re anything like me making any kind of investment, I always feel far more confident in my decision when I hear from previous happy customers!

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I have the LOVELIEST former clients that have been kind enough to leave me with some wonderful feedback…

[When booking George I felt] “Confident and just knew she’d nail it on the head. George put in so much time and research into what we wanted and trust me we asked for a lot!... All of it was perfect, she led our meditation perfectly and made everyone laugh smile and feel like she as part of the wedding family and not just some stranger!... So many people said it was the first ceremony they’d cried at including the wedding planner, all our friends and family said it was the best service they’d ever been to… George you were an absolute pleasure and just Thankyou from the bottom of our hearts for going above and beyhond on ever corner ! We love you !”

T & S Wedding Ceremony, July 22

“George made us feel excited for the ceremony - something we weren’t sure would happen! We’ve always had the idea that the ceremony was just something to ‘get through’ however, George’s unique ideas and relaxed approach made us suddenly feel like the ceremony could be part of the fun & excitement of the day… George bought the script to life - it was already beautiful and heartfelt, but she delivered it in such a magical way that there were very few dry eyes that day! The ring finding game was one of our favourite parts and the way she was patient with our niece taking the spotlight and our dog being slightly annoying, it just confirmed that we’d made the right decision when booking her.”

J & C Wedding Ceremony June 22

“I would absolutely recommend a celebrant ceremony after we had our ceremony. I would also highly recommend George, I think that she is very insightful and considerate and really seems to understand her couples and knows how to get the information from them to make a beautiful ceremony. I think she has a lovely manner and although our ceremony was a marriage ceremony I feel that George would be excellent at delivering all sort of ceremonies, including funerals. She really wants to create a special memory for her clients.”

R & R Wedding Ceremony September 22

[Our family and friends were…] “Very emotional! And the Venue thought George was the best they had had!... George Absolutely [understood what we wanted for our ceremony]. Recognised our journey as a couple and a family and led with that. Didn’t over romanticise it!”

J & S Wedding Ceremony July 22