Living Celebration of Life

Funerals are a mix of emotions.

Naturally, they are incredibly sad occasions; there is no doubt that it is very painful to say goodbye to someone we love.

But when done well, celebrations of life can also be a joy to be part of, uplifting, heartwarming and poignant.

Have you ever attended a funeral and thought “gosh, they’d have loved to have been part of this” or “if only they could have seen how much they were respected and appreciated…”?

Are you are facing the heartbreaking fact that you or a loved one will soon die?

A Living Celebration of Life is everything you would want from your funeral, but held while you are still here to feel all that love.

To hear that absolute tune you have chosen to enter to! To see some of your most precious memories in a photo compilation video. To listen as the people that have loved you throughout your life pay tribute to you, share their love, their memories and all the while give you the opportunity to be part of it.

As Steve Bartlett, of The Diary of a CEO podcast said: “get the roses while you can still smell them”.

A Celebration

Yes, there will be tears, there will be big emotions and it will be hard.

But it will also be a total gift, the gift to you to wrap yourself in love at this most challenging time. The gift to your loved ones to ensure they get the chance to tell you how they feel.

It can be held wherever you want it to be held, any medical or logistical practicalities will be taken into consideration, and most importantly, you will have total empowerment to have the celebration that is right for you.

A Living Celebration of Life can also be a wonderful to remove some of the stress on your loved ones by making the post death funeral plans simpler- having had your Living Celebration, a private direct cremation or family only ceremony might be easier for them to manage and provide them with the freedom to do what feels best for them at this very difficult time.

As your Celebration of Life Celebrant, my role is to help guide you in this ceremony, support with ideas and rituals.

Co-ordinate the ceremony and write a script that keeps everything moving so there is no undue stress on you or your family.

As an experienced funeral celebrant, I can facilitate the entire process and give as much or as little input into the celebration as you require.

I will be there from the early planning stages until the clearing up of the decorations if needs be!

A Living Celebration of Life is not for everyone, but it could be for you if;

  • You want to say goodbye to your loved ones on your own terms
  • You have a desire to be part of the celebration of your life, not leave the party early!
  • You feel as though this could be a moment of light and love in a time of deep sadness
  • The idea of a traditional 20 minute somber funeral, where everyone dresses in black, leaves you disappointed and frustrated because that’s just not you.

I would love to talk to you and your loved ones about how we can craft a truly special and meaningful ceremony to celebrate your life, while you are here to enjoy every loving word spoken.