Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register my marriage as well as having a celebrant ceremony?

As things currently stand you will also have to go and register your marriage at a registry office.. Just like births and deaths, the legal part is signing the bit of paper and paying your fee- something that can be done for as little as 50 quid and in under 6 minutes.

An example of how you might do this is my sister’s experience. They wanted to get married in France and had a stunning celebrant led ceremony in the Southern French sunshine in the grounds of a chateau.

Back at home, they then had a small ceremony just the two of them, two witnesses and the choir my sister sings in, at our local registry office to sign the paperwork. They loved having the beautiful destination wedding with all their family and friends exactly as they wanted it, but also the intimacy of the legal ceremony that was just for them.

It can also be more cost effective- a registrar at a venue can be very expensive for what you get and you still don’t get exactly what you would like (including the ceremony outdoors if it so much as spits a little!)

A celebrant ceremony is so much more than legalities and paperwork. It’s the heart of your wedding, it’s the magic of you and your partner expressing your love for each other wherever and whenever you’d like, without any restrictions.

Why choose a celebrant wedding ceremony?

The only rule when it comes to celebrant ceremonies is - there are no rules!

If you choose a celebrant to conduct your big day, you won’t be bound by the constraints of a legal marriage ceremony. This means your wedding can be held in any location, at any time. Wedding in an autumnal woodland? Ceremony on a mountain top at sunset? You’ve got it!

A celebrant ceremony also means you can include anything you’d like in your big day. This might be your favourite songs, quotes from a film, getting each other’s name tattooed mid-ceremony, having your pet cat walk down the aisle… anything that represents how awesome you are as a couple!

We would like our children to be involved in the ceremony, but don't know where to begin, can you help?

This is a big passion of mine and I am totally here for getting your kids involved in a joyful, stress-less way.

Do you perform same-sex ceremonies?

Do you love each other? Then yes!

We don't want to use he/she pronouns or "traditional" bride/groom gendered language, is that ok with you?

Of course. You tell me what your pronouns and preferred language is and I will use it.

We would like a ritual or mini ceremony, can you do that?

I will work with you to find the right ritual for you, if you would like one. Hand tying, sand ceremony, jumping the broom or something totally unique and tailored to your heritage or interests. Rituals are included in the service price but the props needed will be in addition e.g ribbons for hand tying.

What else is included in the wedding fee?

  • Three meetings
  • Couple’s questionnaires
  • Bespoke ritual creation
  • Professional, unique to you script writing that totally screams “YOU” as a couple and will be remembered for decades to come by you and your guests
  • Advice on all things ceremony from music to readings to vows to how to include you dog!
  • 1.5 hours pre ceremony support
  • Ceremony delivery
  • A4 celebration certificate
  • Presentation copy of the script

The fee for the above is £650.

Are there any extras?

For an additional fee I can;

  • Hand make an A2 community certificate that you and your guests sign in lieu of a guest book (£65)
  • Offer an art making session to create something to treasure forever before your big day (£75)
  • Offer a rehearsal the evening before the ceremony (£50 plus mileage)
  • Mileage over 40 miles from my home address (50p p/mile)
  • Any ritual props required
  • Overnight fees

If you choose to have the community certificate, art making session and rehearsal I offer a discounted rate of £150 for all three.

Can you accommodate some tricky family dynamics?

My job is to tell your/your loved one's story in a way that makes you feel joyful, comfortable and safe.

Whatever needs to be said or not said to ensure that happens, I can sort it.

Can you write our vows?

Yes, if you’d like me to!

As a bespoke wedding celebrant, I absolutely adore hearing your unique love story and would be delighted to weave this into some very personal vows for the two of you to declare during your ceremony.

But it’s totally up to you. I can write, advise, or leave the vows in your hands.

Do you perform ceremonies other than weddings/namings/funerals?

Indeed, I do! I am also a celebrant for any important occasion in your life that you feel needs a bit of ceremony!

Retirements, big birthdays, divorce parties, identity changes... there are so many reasons in life to celebrate, so why not choose a creative family celebrant to help you mark your special day.

How many times will we meet before the ceremony?

I love really getting to know my families and it's a vital part of the process.

Whatever kind of ceremony you are having, we will always meet at least once face to face. The first time we meet will be virtually to discuss your dream ceremony and see if I’m the right fit for you.

Once you’ve confirmed me as your personal celebrant, I will send you a questionnaire to fill in - this helps me to start writing the perfect ceremony script for you.

Do you write and deliver the eulogy for the funeral service?

Yes. I’ll spend our initial meeting learning all about your loved one and will ask questions to understand their life story.

This allows me to write a personal and heartfelt eulogy which either I or a person of your choosing can deliver.

Alternatively, you are free to write the eulogy yourself if you wish.

Do you perform internment of ashes or memorial services after a funeral?

Absolutely. My services can be tailored to whatever best meets your needs.

What does the art making session involve?

Fun! Come with an open mind and old clothes. We will throw some paint around and get messy while creating memories you will share forever.

The idea is to create something that you can take home, but it's also an opportunity to stop wedding-ing for a couple of hours and just be in the moment, together.

If you have children and want them to be part of it, that's absolutely fine too! It is also an amazing way of me getting to know you better in a relaxed environment and that transfers into the day beautifully.

Are you fully insured?

Yes! I am insured through my membership to the Institute of Professional Celebrants and will provide you with copies of these certificates if you would like them.

How much will it cost?

My fully bespoke wedding ceremonies range between £500 for script only and £800 for the whole shebang (including rehearsal, art making session and A2 certificate)!

My Celebration of Life ceremonies start from £300.

All other ceremonies start from £550.

Got a burning question that hasn’t been answered above? I’d love to hear from you!